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About North China University of Science and Technology

Hebei United University (HEUU), located in Tangshan the most promising city at the center of Bohai Bay Rim. The climate here is belonging to sub-humid warm temperate continental monsoon climate, four sharp seasons, and without harsh winter and heat summer, average temperature around 11.5℃ through the year.

Developed and convenient transportation system is another obvious advantage, by express way: 2 hours to Beijing1 and half hour to Tianjin and Qinhuangdao (very famous coastal city); by high-speed rail: 1 hour to Beijing and half hour to Tianjin and Qinhuangdao; by plane: several airlines available for travels, such as Shanghai,Haerbin, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Guangzhou ,Dalian, and so on.

HEUU is one of the ten key universities of Hebei Province, China. It is a comprehensive university taking engineering and medicine as the backbone and pursuing a harmonious development of engineering, medicine, sciences, economics, management, law and humanities. According to the education programs provided by the university, undergraduate and postgraduate can achieve the Bachelor, Master and Doctor degree for international and home students.

Hebei United University is one of the key universities enjoying the joint efforts from People's Government of Hebei Province, the State Administration of Work Safety, together with State Administration of S&T and Industry for National Defense PRC. HEUU offers 81 undergraduate programs, 19 first-level master programs and 3 doctor programs; 10 specials approved as state level characteristic specialties: Mining Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Metal Materials Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation, Rehabilitation Therapeutics, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Nursing, Civil Engineering, and Preventive medicine. There are over 50,000 full-time students of all kinds, including more than 200 international students.

It runs the cooperative education programs with Heidelberg University of Applied Science in majors of Electrical Engineering and Automation and Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation. HEUU is also successfully approved by Hanban to establish the first Confucius Institute with the feature of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in University of Pecs in Hungary.

HEUU is one of the cooperative institutes of Sino-German Medical Association in Hebei province, the organizer of Sino-Hungarian Medical Forum in China and establishes “Sino-Britain Cooperative English Training Centre” with University of Leeds and University of Lincoln. Close links have been established between HEUU and more than 30 foreign universities in 10 countries, including University of Massachusetts Amherst, Wayne State University, Hokkaido University and Yamagata University and so on.

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